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Saturday, 5 February 2011

EXCLUSIVE: Honeycomb Boot Screen

Here is a quick 10 second video of the Honeycomb boot screen. I think it's awesome!!!

LEAKED: PlayStation Phone Commercial

The PlayStation Phone, which I have written about many times is now finally surfacing. This is probably the most awkward commercials I have ever seen. It has a man who runs through some back alleys to deliver a pair of scissors to a surgeon to cut a bandage off a life sized android man. Check out the video below and tell me what you think.
Sony use: “The smartphone with everything you need, and the one thing you want.”   

Via: AndroidCommunity

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Motorla Xoom, Honeycomb 3.0 Tablet

Today was a super special day for Android with the Release of Honeycomb and the first Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet coming from Motorola. The Motorla Xoom is 10.1", which is slightly bigger than the iPad (9.7"). It has a resolution of 1280x800 with a 5 megapixel back facing camera, which can record 720p and playback 1080p and a front-facing camera being 2 megapixels. Check out this video from AndroidCommunity.

This specific one in the video is on Verizon with a black border around the outside of the tablet. They say the front-facing camera is in the centre and the touch screen is one of the most responsive, but very prone to fingerprints.

Google Releases Honeycomb!!!

Google, today, released Honeycomb. They mentioned that it is mainly aimed at the Tablet Computers market and it comes with a whole bunch of new features that will be awesome to use and try out, including a new music app which I kept asking for. If your interested and have an hour on your hand (which I did) then watch the press event.

Android Takes over Symbian to become the Best Smart Phone Platform in the World

Guys, today is a huge day for Android. It has now taken over Symbian, which runs alot of Nokia phones and has been the main mobile OS, with out people noticing. Just check out the tablet above with the impressive numbers that Android are showing. This really proves the growth of Android, I think Android is selling about 350,000 units per day!!!

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Release: Motorola Atrix, the most powerful phone in the world (Video)

Possibly the best phone out there now. Claims to be the 'Most powerful phone in the world'. With a dual-core, and Super Amoled Plus screen and even a finger print scanner on the back.
Check out the video below and give me feedback on what you think.

Monday, 31 January 2011

Japan Bringing Android (Tablet) Based Home Landlines to Market

Japan, thought to be the land of technology and evolving the way the world thinks, is now bringing out Android based landlines, with a tablet imbedded in it. Check out the picture:
In Japan, mobile phones are overtaking the landlines and more and more people are replacing their landlines with mobiles. A telecommunications company in Japan, called Nakayo, have invented a landline with a build in 7-inch android tablet.

It includes android 2.2 Froyo, with WiFi, 800x480 resolution, USB port, 0.3 MP front facing camera and a micro-SD slot

This Week in Android- Week 1

First Week of This Week in Android, simple summary of this week in android news, ENJOY!!! Please give me feedback.   :)

Click here for all the posts from this week.

Sunday, 30 January 2011

EXCLUSIVE: Tour through Gingerbread (on Emulator)

This is a quick tour through Gingerbread on an emulator.

New features:

Speed (cannot represent on emulator)
New Keyboard
New Copy and Paste
New Manage Apps section to control apps so you don't need a task killer/app killer
New Dock at the Bottom
New Green Theme
Internet Calling
NFC (Near Field Communication)
Downloads App that controls downloads
New Scroll Down Menu Bar

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Rooting your Android 1.5 and 1.6 device (Universal Androot Method)

Hey Guys, This is THE SIMPLEST WAY TO ROOT YOUR ANDROID PHONE but sadly you need an android 1.5 or 1.6 phone but if your do then you must do this. Basically you install an application onto your phone, open it, and click root. If you ever feel like un-rooting, then open the app and click un-root. It does not delete any of your things so why not give it a go? ... Just make sure your device is on the list.

Supported Devices:

  • Google Nexus One (2.2)
  • Google G1 (1.6)
  • HTC Hero (2.1)
  • HTC Magic (1.5) (Select Do not install Superuser)
  • myTouch 3G 3.5mm/LE (1.6)
  • HTC Tattoo (1.6)
  • Dell Streak (2.1)
  • Motorola Milestone (2.1)
  • Motorola XT701
  • Motorola XT800 (2.1)
  • Motorola ME511
  • Motorola Charm
  • Motorola Droid (2.01/2.1/2.2 with FRG01B)
  • Sony Ericsson X10 (1.6)
  • Sony Ericsson X10 Mini (1.6)
  • Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro (1.6)
  • Acer Liquid (2.1)
  • Acer beTouch E400 (2.1)
  • Samsung Galaxy Beam
  • Samsung galaxy 5 (gt-i5500)
  • Vibo A688 (1.6)
  • Lenovo Lephone (1.6)
  • LG Ally (2.1)
  • LG GT540 (1.6)
  • Gigabyte GSmart G1305
Step 1: Download the program here, either onto your phone directly or onto your computer then transfer it onto your phone
Step 2: Download "Astro File Manager" from the Market and then search for the file, click on it, and install it.
Step 3: Open the app, click root, and... YOUR ROOTED!!!! Enjoy!!!
(If you ever feel like un-rooting then just open the application back up and click un-root)

Want more tutorials like this? Click the ad below.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

[Update] LEAKED: White Nexus S [Pictures]

This is a quick update on the White Nexus S post that I did here. But now we have a picture of the actually thing because some people thought that it was a computer edited version of the Nexus S. This Nexus S happens to be a Vodafone (UK Carrier) version but I'm sure we'll see this all over the world soon. Check out this picture: and see what you think, email me your thoughts

EXCLUSIVE: Google Reveals Android 3.0 (Honeycomb), its Logo, SDK and Highlights!

This is a huge update, basically Google has released Honeycomb, which is supposed to be the next version of Android only to come on tablets. The new Honeycomb logo is on the left, check out the pictures below, and if you feel like it read the highlights:

System Bar, for global status and notifications: Across the system and in all applications, users have quick access to notifications, system status, and soft navigation buttons in a System Bar, available at the bottom of the screen. The System Bar is always present and is a key touchpoint for users, but in a new "lights out mode" can also be dimmed for full-screen viewing, such as for videos.
  • Action Bar, for application control: In every application, users have access to contextual options, navigation, widgets, or other types of content in an Action Bar, displayed at the top of the screen. The Action Bar is another key touchpoint for users, especially with action items and an overflow dropdown menu, which users frequently access in a similar manner in most applications.
  • Customizable Home screens: Five customizable Home screens give users instant access to all parts of the system from any context. Each screen offers a large grid that maintains spatial arrangement in all orientations. Users can select and manipulate Home screen widgets, app shortcuts, and wallpapers using a dedicated visual layout mode.
  • Recent Apps, for easy visual multitasking: Multitasking is a key strength of Android and it is central to the Android 3.0 experience.  To help users rapidly identify the task associated with each app, the list shows a snapshot of its actual state when the user last viewed it.
  • Improved text selection, copy and paste: When entering or viewing text, a new UI lets users quickly select a word by press-hold and then adjust the selection area as needed by dragging a set of bounding arrows to new positions. Users can then select an action from the Action Bar, such as copy to the clipboard, share, paste, web search, or find.
  • New connectivity options: Built-in support for Media/Photo Transfer Protocol lets users instantly sync media files with a USB-connected camera or desktop computer, without needing to mount a USB mass-storage device. Users can also connect full keyboards over either USB or Bluetooth, for a familiar text-input environment. New support for Bluetooth tethering means that more types of devices can share the network connection of an Android-powered device.
  • Browser: The browser includes new features that let users navigate and organize more efficiently. Multiple tabs replace browser windows and a new “incognito” mode allows anonymous browsing. Bookmarks and history are presented and managed in a single unified view. Users can now choose to automatically sign into Google sites on the browser with a supplied account and sync bookmarks with Google Chrome.
  • Camera and Gallery: The Camera application has been redesigned to take advantage of a larger screen for quick access to exposure, focus, flash, zoom, front-facing camera, and more.
  • Contacts: The Contacts app uses a new two-pane UI and Fast Scroll to let users easily organize and locate contacts. The application offers improved formatting of international phone numbers as user types, based on home country and an international number parsing library. Contact information is presented in a card-like UI, making it easier for users to read and edit contacts.
  • Email: The Email application uses a new two-pane UI to make viewing and organizing messages more efficient. The app lets users select one or more messages, then select an action from the Action Bar, such as moving them to a folder. Users can sync attachments for later viewing and keep track of email using a home screen Widget.
Via: AndroidGuys

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

App Release: Amazon UK

Finally, I've been waiting for this for a while, the Amazon Store app for Android. From this app you can search retailer's catalog's, compare prices, read reviews, and make purchases from your Android 1.6 or higher phone. Not only do you have text search but barcode scanning, which is useful to if your in a shop and wanting to know if you can get it delivered to your house for cheaper.

Exclusive: Playstation Phone/ Xperia Play get exclusive review from Engadget

The Playstation Phone, which I have written about many times: Playstation Phone!!!
                   Playstation Phone at MWC

It is now being reviewed by Engadget and I will not pick out what they say but you can just watch the videos below if you are interested. Here are some specs:

  • 1GHz Processor 
  • Adreno 205 GPU
  • 4 inch, multitouch LCD 
  • 5 megapixel camera, with a front facing VGA camera
  • 1500mAh battery
  • microSD card slot (which can be removed without taking out te battery

Via: Engadget, AndroidGuys

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Xperia Arc now up for Pre-Order!!!

For the people out there that can't wait to get their hands on an Xperia Arc, that was recently announced at CES, is now up for Pre-Order. And they say it will get to you by 1st April 2011. And it will only set you back £459.99, which is a pretty reasonable price for a smartphone these days. There is not much else to say because I have already wrote about it: Android 2.4?!?! (On the Sony Xperia Arc)

If you feel like buying it then visit: Sony Ericsson Xperia X12 Arc / Android / Sim Free / Unlocked Mobile Phone.

LEAKED: White Nexus S

In Germany, there has been a leaked White Nexus S. When I first saw this on a post, I straight away thought about the iPhone 4 and how there has been many leaked pictures of a white one but it seems to have not been released by Apple yet. This could just be the back cover that you can buy separately from some company but I doubt it. And in the pictures it appears that it only has a white back but still a back front. This seems like a strange design to me, and personally I would have designed it better.


Hand Cranked Android Phone Charger

Check out this hand crank Android phone charger, I am thinking of doing this and maybe even doing a tutorial on how to do this for you guys.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Nexus One going to get Gingerbread soon!!!

Google's (used to be) flagship phone, and for some reason I still think it is the flagship phone. A few sources from AndroidCommunity have said that not only will Gingerbread be coming to the Nexus One but further updates as well!!!

Some of you guys are probably still waiting for Froyo but this Gingerbread update will hopefully show that updates are due to come out and Google are encouraging manufacturers and carriers to upgrade there phones even if you don't have a Nexus One.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Sony PSP2 to debut next week, PlayStation Phone at MWC

According to Bloomberg and its sources, Sony Computer Entertainment's Tokyo Event on January 27th will reveal the next PSP, and next month at Mobile World Congress will be where we finally (officially) see the Playstation Phone.
Not much else to say at this point, so just sit back, relax, and wait for the other guys to do their presentation, first.
Source: Engadget

Froyo Powering 50% of All Android Phones

Google's Official Android Pie Chart........

I know that this chart shows that Android phones are now being updated but this comes back to the fragmentation problem, Every one is on a different page, not just in terms of the firmware but also in terms of the skins the manufacturers and carriers put on their Android phones. And it's also troubling that the latest version of Android is only running on 0.4% of Android phones (but it is only available on the Nexus S). iPhones have to be brought up... once again in in the fragmentation topic, it's estimated that ~+90% of iPhones are running the latest firmware.

What firmware are you running and what are your thoughts about this fragmentation? Email me ( or leave a comment in the section below.